How to Change or Reset iCLOUD Password | Forget iCLOUD Password

How to Change or Reset iCLOUD Password | Forget iCLOUD Password

Have you forgotten your iCLOUD password? You need to know a few steps to reset or change your iCLOUD Password.iphone icloud forgot password

Sometimes, you don’t have your personal trusted iOS device nearby. Still, you can reset your password by requesting Account Recovery. This is the best option available for you if your device is lost or stolen and you want to access your account, at the same time denying someone getting access to it. This process takes a few days, but, it depends on how much information you give to authenticate your identity.

Anybody who uses or carries an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple is bound to have an Apple ID. You need to get the most out of Apple products such as the App Store, iCLOUD, iTunes Store, Apple Music, and many more. iPhone and Mac users often enter Apple ID so repeatedly to avail so many Apple services and products and access the iCLOUD Email or other services. Still, you get confused if Apple makes you change your password and the new password you set is just too complex to remember. No matter what happens if you have forgotten your Apple ID password, it can be very frustrating and worrisome. Now, we will explain the steps to reset it.

Anyway, you need to remember one or more things before going password reset. There are instances when your password isn’t working because it is blocked by Apple for security reasons in the event of any attempt made to hack it. Have you come across such a situation? Know how to recover a disabled Apple ID.

Over the years, Apple has come with additional protections and made the process simple such as setting up two-factor authentication. Changing the Apple ID password is very simple.

How to reset the Apple ID password or iCLOUD password reset

If you find it hard to remember your Apple ID password or it’s not working for some reasons, it is better for you to reset it.

The steps you follow here depend on the type of security you have provided for your Apple account. If you have given two-step authentication, then the steps explained here will have to be followed. Otherwise you have to answer some of the security questions, including the assignment of a 14-character Recovery Key that is discussed below.

  • Go to and click on “Forgot Apple ID or password” at the center.
  • Being in a new page now, enter your Apple ID or the Email address associated with the account, and then, click continue and select I need to reset my password.
  • You may have enter your personal trusted phone number that is associated with your account. And Click on continue.
  • Now, you will receive a notification in your Apple device. In Mac, you will get a message – A password reset request sent from a device in the location mentioned below.’ If it is an iPhone, you will see a message – ‘Use this iPhone to reset your Password.’
  • If you click the message on the Mac, then you are taken to System Preferences. Click on the Reset
  • In iPhone, you receive a message as “Use this device to reset password”. Click on the Allow
  • Now, follow the instructions given on the screen and you can enter the new password for the account.

If you have two-factor authentication

Have you enabled two-factor authentication? Then, it will be different from two-step verification. Resetting of the password will be easier comparatively as you can reset your password through trusted Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or through Apple ID account page. If you’re not whether you have a trusted device, then remember, when you enable two-factor authentication that means you have created the trusted device. All iOS devices need to be enabled with a passcode.

When you use two-factor authentication by the use of your iOS device

change icloud password

  • Go to Settings > [your name] > password and security
  • Tap change password (present at the top)
  • Now you are asked to enter your passcode. After it is done, you can enter your new password

When you use two-factor authentication by the use of the Apple ID account page

  • Go to page. Enter your trusted phone number that you have used during setting up the two-factor authentication.
  • Click on “Continue” and send the notification to your trusted iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  • As you receive the notification on your trusted iOS device, tap “Allow”
  • Follow the given steps, enter the passcode and reset the password.

How can you reset your password using Account Recovery?

Step 1: When you’re completing the steps of resetting your password through iForgot or iOS, you may see an option for “Request Account Recovery”. Select it.

Step 2:

  • Type a phone number that Apple will reach you when your account is ready to be accessed.
  • Now, Apple sends you a verification code to that phone number for confirmation and make sure you enter that code to verify your personal information.
  • Once you finished that, Apple will send the confirmation on your account recovery request. Wait for a call or text related to your account.

Step 3: Here, you have to wait for some time. It’s difficult to say exactly when you receive contact. But Apple will call or text when your account is ready.

Step 4: Go to page. Type your Apple ID and Phone number that you have used during Step 2 into the system.

Step 5: Here, you will receive another call or text involving a specific Account Recovery code. Go back to the iForgot website and type the code you are given.

Step 6: Click on “Continue” to finish up the resetting of your password. It is advised to sign-in to your account and confirm your trusted phone number to boost your account security.

When you decide to reset your password, you need to log in to your Apple account using your new password shortly after that. Here, you can check in your Settings that your new password has been updated on all of your devices. So, you don’t have to stay locked out of them for long. Double-check your credentials to be sure of your updation.

When you use two-step verification

If you use two-step verification and you forgot your Apple ID password, at that moment you need a trusted iOS device that you have used you first set up two-step verification & your “Recovery Key” for resetting your password.

Step 1: Go to and enter the “Recovery Key”. Did you lose or forget your Key, then follow below step.

Step 2: Choose your trusted device and receive the verification code.

Step 3: Enter the received verification code.

Step 4: Create the new password and select Reset Password.

How to reset your iCLOUD password

When all of your previous steps fail to work and you have check with Apple System Status, then next thing you should do is to change your Apple ID password. It is a bit of complex procedure, but it solves the problem. Changing your password is very simple on your Mac.

Step 1: Open the web browser and search for
Step 2: Click on “Reset your Password”
Step 3: Enter your Apple ID & Click on “Next”
Step 4: Select Email Authentication and Fill up the Security Questions & Click “Next”
Step 5: Click on the link sent to your Email to Reset Password or Fill up/ enter the security questions
Step 6: Now, enter your new password in fields given for New Password and Confirm Password
Step 7: Click on Reset Password.
Now enter your new password on your iPhone devices whenever it asks. This will be accepted by your iPhone and solve the problem instantly.

How can you reset your Apple ID PASSWORD?

Have you forgotten your ID password? Then, visit Apple’s iForgot website ( ) and enter your own Apple ID user_name.

If you haven’t enabled two-step verification, then you can reset your password simply by responding to an email sent to the addresses that you have already given while signing up for the Apple or you have to reply to three security questions that you have answered when you created the Apple ID (Here, you have to give your Date Of Birth)

The iCLOUD PASSWORD website will allow you to reset your password or discover your Apple ID

If you choose the Email reset option, remember, that you have just three hours to respond before the reset request gets canceled.

If you have enabled two-step verification, then you will have to enter the “Recovery Key”, created at the time of activation of two-step verification. Once it is done, subsequently a verification code will be sent to your trusted device or texted to you. Remember, without this verification code you can’t reset the password.

N.B. There is a condition when you lost your two-step verification and forgot your password that means that your Apple ID is gone and you have to create a new Apple ID. Even Apple’s network won’t able to verify a user’s identity

Step 1: Open the web browser and search for

Step 2: Click on “Reset your Password”

Step 3: Enter your Apple ID & Click on “Next”

Step 4: Select Email Authentication and Fill up the Security Questions & Click “Next”

Step 5: Click on the link sent to your Email to Reset Password or Fill up/ enter the security questions

Step 6: Now, enter your new password in fields given for New Password and Confirm Password

Step 7: Click on Reset Password.

If you have forgot your Apple ID Password | iCLOUD Forgot Password

Have you forgotten your Apple ID user_name? Then, there are options to it find out.

Are you using your Apple ID while buying Apps and music on your iPhone and other devices? Then, you can find the details of your Apple ID in Settings > iTunes and App Stores. Next, your Apple ID can be found in Settings >iCLOUD>Account.

Or you can visit and click on Forgot Your Apple ID? You will geta link. Now you have to enter your First & Last Name, and Email address used for the account. Then, a password reset link will be sent to the email addresses given for the account.

If enabled two-factor verification, then you have to enter the Recovery Key as described in the steps above for forgetting your password. Remember, you can’t bypass this.

Fixing of Disabled Apple ID

If someone tries to hack your Apple account by entering your password wrongly multiple times or by giving wrong answers about your security questions, Apple can recognize the attack and locks your Apple ID and your apple id gets disabled.

At one point, this is good because the attacker won’t get access to your Apple ID. If that happens, he/she could have access to your iCLOUD email, iMessages & FaceTime and will have allowed the attacker to utilize your money from the App Store or iTunes.

Here, we will explain how to unlock your Apple ID so that you will be able to use your Apple account and associated services again. In some cases, it is not the attacker, but you get locked out of your account as you forget your password.

It doesn’t matter why Apple disables your account; it is possible to get it back once again. But you have to follow the below-mentioned steps to recover the account and provide a new password.

Step 1: Go to page
Step 2: Enter your Apple ID – Email address that is associated with your Apple account.
Step 3: Enter the Code for confirming that you’re not a robot
Step 4: Click on “Continue”.
The next page will differ according to the type of security you have given for your Apple account.

If enabled two-factor authentication, then you receive a code on your trusted device or a text message. You have to enter this verification code before unlocking your account and changing your password.

If enabled the older form of two-step verification, then you have to enter the recovery key that you have given during the setting up of two-step verification, and also a code is sent to your trusted device. If you don’t have the recovery key (a 14-digit code), that means it will be a little delayed.

If you haven’t set up both of these options, then you have to unlock your account by the use of your password or by answering some security questions that you have already told Apple at some point in time.

If you forgot your password or feel that your password isn’t strong enough, then, you change the password.

After reset of your password

If you have already reset your password with the help of any methods mentioned above, now you would be promoted to sign in again with the new password. Even, you may also have to sign in with a new password on Apple’s various products and services such as iTunes, iCLOUD, the App Store, and Apple ID password reset. Find the steps to do so for all the terms requiring it.

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