How can you contact roadrunner support to delete Account?

How can you contact roadrunner support to delete Account?

Roadrunner is a free email service offered by an Internet service provider named Time Warner Cable Internet. Roadrunner email services are offered for free and are used by millions of people for their email needs. The users of this software find it easy to use and versatile making it widely popular among both home and professional users. RoadRunner Email Service is availed by the users of Time Warner Cable Internet.  Access to this email is restricted to the people who have a Time Warner account and will be accessed online through a browser or by the use of an email client.

Roadrunner email is one of the best and most popular emailing services preferred by millions of users. However, no special technical skills or expertise are required to create a Roadrunner email account as the process is very much the same as any other email account. This account allows you to send, receive, store, organize, and manage your account from your computer.  Here, we will discuss about roadrunner support and delete roadrunner account.

Features of RoadRunner Email Service

Roadrunner email is known for its latest and advanced features and is said to be offering widespread email features so that it will be easier for its users to access the service comfortably. The features given by RoadRunner email service will differentiate it from other email services as it happens to be the only email platform that allows its users to add 5 sub-emails in addition to the primary email account. Before opening an email account with the RoadRunner platform, the user should be familiar with its diverse features-

  • Enormous address book: This email platform offers a huge address space to its users so that they can store all of their important contacts at one go conveniently in a protected location and can access them anytime.
  • Offering 5 Sub-Email accounts with Primary Email Account – This email platform offers its users the opportunity to add another 5 sub-email accounts along with the primary email account. Those 5 sub-email accounts are given separate storage capacities individually. A great feature that allows you to stay connected with important connections and access all the services related to your email account.
  • Secure emailing – Roadrunner is endowed with top-notch security features such as protected storage so that your send and receive data stay secured. The users’ sent and received emails are end-to-end encrypted security for the emails sent and received.
  • Full-fledged spam protection – A full-fledged spam protection system is given to its users. The full-scale spam control feature is also given.
  • Full-proof virus protection – Roadrunner Email provides users with sophisticated built-in scanning capabilities to protect them from forgery and malicious attacks.
  • High-end security options – It offers superior standards and latest security features ensuring greater security options for users protecting their data and sensitive information via the secure Roadrunner email platform.
  • Unlimited storage – Roadrunner offers massive storage space for an individual email account and the users don’t have to worry about the size of their files as there is unlimited storage space.
  • Automatic discard of infected messages – Roadrunner email offers the feature of discarding malicious or contaminated or untrustworthy data automatically. This feature helps prevent malicious attacks and data theft.
  • Parental controls – This feature enables the user worry-free as it will keep your kids unaffected or intrusive with your stuff. Forget all your worries and give your kids unlimited email access.

RoadRunner Support

If you have issues with attachment limits or other configuration features, please contact Email Roadrunner support for help directly.

Its Technical Executive Enclosure will provide suggestions on how best you can resolve issues and improve Roadrunner’s email performance.

Roadrunner Email Customer Service Number

Roadrunner Email account is easy to set up and configured on Android. If you’re find it difficult to configure the email setting or there may be some issues in handling RoadRunner Email, then the users can call the following contact numbers for help-

  • Roadrunner Email Help –
  • Call our Roadrunner Technical Support Number –
  • Contact Roadrunner support Customer Service –
  • Time Warner Road Runner Phone Number  – Time Warner Road Runner’s best toll-free number

What Technical Errors they can resolve

  • Roadrunner configuration problems on varied devices
  • Roadrunner spam filter issue
  • Given the issue with Roadrunner attachments
  • Roadrunner sync issues with other email services such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo
  • If you have trouble signing in or restoring Roadrunner account
  • Roadrunner email contact issue
  • Roadrunner server error issues
  • Roadrunner access denied problem
  • Reset and recover your Roadrunner password

Delete Roadrunner Accountroad runner support

Before delete roadrunner account, the users should know about the RoadRunner email account :

  • There are generally two types of Roadrunner email accounts – the main account and the others are sub-users.
  • The main user can easily delete his/her sub-user account by following a series of steps.
  • To delete the master or primary account one will have to make a phone call to Time Warner Customer Service. The customer care representative will help you to delete the roadrunner email account permanently.

Why there will be a need for Delete Roadrunner Account?

When you use RoadRunner Email service and configure RoadRunner Email Account, the users face so many issues that disturb your smooth working. The problems the user encounters-

  • If the user isn’t receiving emails in its Roadrunner email account
  • Unable to send emails from the Roadrunner email account
  • Excessive spam messages
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Roadrunner email not working
  • Roadrunner can’t login

How to Delete a RoadRunner Email Account

If you accidentally created two Roadrunner email accounts, you may need to delete one of the two Roadrunner email accounts.  Here, the primary user can delete its sub-user accounts of the roadrunner email.

Steps to delete a Roadrunner Email Account

Step 1 – Sign in to the roadrunner Primary or Master account

Step 2 – Select the user management window. Click on managing the user option (available next to the email account to be deleted)

Step 3 – Click to the “option to delete”

Step 4– Click on “update option”

Step 5– Successfully Done

That means you have successfully deleted the roadrunner Email account.

Received Attachment Limits

  • You can receive email attachments limit up to 30MB
  • You can increase the attachment limit with a paid subscription.
  • You have unlimited storage space for receiving emails.

Sent Attachment Limit

  • You can send emails attachments limit up to 30MB.
  • Sending limits can be increased if you have a paid subscription.
  • A subscriber can email up to 1,000 recipients every 24 hours.
  • You can send up to 5 MB per message maximum.

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