Email password recovery

Email password recovery

Email password recovery

Emails are an important part of our lives. Different people use them for different purposes. From regular work emails to occasional emails to family and friends, emails have become a lifeline for every single person. But have you ever imagined being unable to use it or forgetting your email password? Many people go through this problem. At times, people don’t remember their password; and at other times, they keep their email logged into the system for so long that they end up forgetting it. The trouble comes up when a person cannot log in to the account for something very important.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to recover your email password. Email service provider offers you support to the users to help them with such issues. When a person forgets the email password, it becomes difficult for them to access their social media accounts and other important accounts. But you don’t have to worry, if you have forgotten the password of your email. Everyone knows how important it is to get access to email for various reasons. It is not very difficult to get the access of your account back. You have to follow some steps and it becomes easier. There are two things that can go wrong with your email. What are they? Following things can go wrong with your email:

  1. Forgotten email id: When you do not remember you email user name.
  2. Forgotten password: When you remember your email id, but do not remember your password.

How to resolve issues with your email?

Unable to access you email means directly compromising with your professional as well as your personal life. Some of us use email for professional work and others use them for personal work. And if you cannot access it, you probably would start to feel quite anxious. Well, you do not have to be anxious because these issues can be resolved easily. All you have to do is to know some things. You must have some information related to or about your email id.

What should you know?

When you create an email id, you are asked different things. Usually, you have to enter your date of birth, password, alternative email id and a security question. Remembering all these things make it easier for a person to get back the access to your email. The best thing would be to know the alternative email id. Once you put the right alternative address, you will get a link on it. You can simply click on the link and you can change the password. Similarly, you can do it with other information you have.

Recover email

Recovering email is quite an easy task. Go to the login page, click on the ‘Help’. You will be asked a few questions, you need to answer them and you will get your email id. You can either put in your email id or answer the security questions, you will get an answer.

Recover password

Forgetting the password is a bigger problem. But it is even easier to recover. When you make yourself a new account, you enter you’re an alternative email id and phone number. Click on the ‘Forgot password’, you will be given options to either enter an alternative email id or the phone number you entered. You need to choose one of those options. When you enter the right alternative email id, you will either get a code or a link to change your password. Similarly, when you enter the right phone number, you will be sent a four to six digits code. If you verify the code correctly, then you will be taken to the ‘New password’ change page. Enter the new password; confirm the password and you will have access to your email id.

Things to take care of while creating an email id

Often people forget their email username or password. It is quite difficult to get it back. So, rather than being in trouble later, you can resolve the issue while making your new email id. All you need to do is to take care of some basic things which make it easier for you if you ever forget your email id or password. You need to take care of the following things:

  1. Always choose the username carefully. Usually, people choose their email id that includes their
    name along with their date of birth which is easier to remember. Example:
    Name: John Dokas
    Date of Birth: 04-10-1993
    New email id could be:
  2. Choose the right password. Passwords are extremely sensitive. Be careful while choosing the right password and entering it. You can make a combination of different letters, signs, and numbers. Always choose a strong password which includes an upper case letter, a lower case letter, numbers, and a symbol.
  3. Choose the security question which is common and easy to remember for you. Security questions are the trickiest. We, usually, choose them and forget what we have chosen. Try to choose a question which is common and easy to remember for you.
    Example: ‘What is the name
    of your dog?’ or ‘What is your hometown?’
    Such questions make it easier to remember.
  4. Don’t forget to add your phone number. NEVER skip adding your phone number. It is usually the biggest mistake anyone can make. This is the easiest way to recover your password whenever you want.
  5. Alternative email ids are extremely important. Though you can choose any alternative email, you should try to choose an email id which belongs to you, you family, or someone who is close to you. It becomes easier to get its access.

Recover your password easily by taking care of these simple things from the very beginning. In fact, email service providers gives support for any kind of problem while recovering your email. Always give the information that you can remember while creating your email id. If you ever feel like your account is being compromised, change your password. Always change your password in 2 to 3 months, so that it do not get compromised and the risk of hacking is reduced.

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