How to Reset Paypal Forgot Password?

How to Reset Paypal Forgot Password?

In today’s busy life we use lot of online accounts such as social media, bank accounts, dating apps, money transaction etc. Each account is different from another one, and we can’t remember every password details.
If you forgot your PayPal password however you remember your email id, then you can do PayPal password reset using your email address following some simple steps.

  • Open your web browser and go to the PayPal login page.
    You cannot change your PayPal password through mobile app. But you can request a PayPal password reset from the mobile app.

paypal forgot password

  • Now click on “Having trouble logging in?” This bottom is under the email and password fields.

paypal recover password

  • Enter the email address you use for your PayPal account, after complete the captcha test clicks “continue”.

paypal email recovery

  • If you forgot your email address for the associate PayPal account, Click on “Recover it” within the email field. This will direct away you to another page which will prompt you for up to three email addresses you think that could also be related to your PayPal account.

forgot paypal password

  • Select a verification method you are comfortable with. You can get a verification code sent as a text message, email or automated phone call. Select your method from the menu, and click “Continue” PayPal will send you a security code via the method you selected.

how to reset paypal password with verification code

  • Now on the next page you need to enter the security code you received, and then click “continue”. The security code is valid only for 5 mints after code expire you need to request for the new one.

how to reset paypal password without email

  • Create a new password .Enter password for second time to ensure there is no mistake. Your PayPal password should be 8-20 characters long and include at least one number or symbol  like (!@#$%^).

reset paypal password without verification code

  • Click “submit” bottom to complete the password reset.

paypal forgot password

  • Again go to the PayPal login page and enter your email and new password to confirm the changes are successful.


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